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Three of Swords

Three of Swords

The crow watches his partner fly away. The three swords puncturing the heart represents the two crows and the issue that resulted in the separation. The Three of Swords represents a time of sadness and loss, however, without sorrow we would never understand true happiness, and without loss, we would not appreciate all we have. There is no avoiding the sadness of the energy released by the Three of Swords, but this situation also offers a valuable life lesson, one that is essential for growth. This card asks that you take steps to learn how to heal your heart and your soul.

When this card is reversed, it is a sign that although much time has gone by, you are finding it difficult to let go of a painful situation or that you are holding a grudge that is preventing you from moving on. This is an excellent time to take inventory of your feelings and ask yourself which ones are preventing you from living or loving.


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