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The High-Priestess

The High Priestess

Keywords: Intuition, Divine Guidance, Spirit Guides, Magick

Element: Water

The High Priestess takes the spark created by the Magician and transforms the idea into a tangible reality. Like a shadow passing in the night, her energy is present and can be felt in our gut, but not always seen. Her intuitive power lies in the spiritual unconscious, allowing the High Priestess to soar back and forth through the veil bringing with her divine knowledge. Perched on the moon and surrounded by the four suits, your connection with the High Priestess is active at this time and should be utilized. She comes ready to deliver the answers you seek through dreams and symbols. Pay attention; she is with you.

If the High Priestess appears reversed, it is a message that your connection with your inner-self has been lost and as a result, the High Priestess is unable to communicate the information you need to make a wise decision. She strongly urges you to take time for yourself and to allow for communication to come to you through the quietness of spirit. Her message is to pay attention; there is magic in this world, you only need to allow yourself to experience it.


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