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The Magician

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The Magician

Keywords: Alchemy, Resourcefulness, Creativeness, Manifesting

Element: Air

Connecting the physical world with the spiritual realm the magician crow pulls the energy of the four suits; representing earth, water, air, and fire to create a powerful spark that has the power to manifest into a transformative idea. Rising above the craggy desolate mountains lined by red and white roses at the base, the Magician symbolizes the first steps of generating success and the ability to carve out the desired path through difficulty using life experiences and a pure heart.

Sometimes, however, the crow is an impostor - a trickster. Reversed the Magician crow uses the connected power of the spiritual realm for greedy purposes. The Magician in this position may denote you have fallen prey and have become another gullible victim. Take the time to look inward and ask if your motives are pure of heart?


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