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The Fool

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

The Fool

Keywords: Faith, Innocence, Beginnings, Adventure, Free-Spirit

Element: Air

Unafraid, the crow does not waiver a bit and has faith that the log and river will provide a great adventure. In the distance there is a wind blowing, whistling a warning – but the crow remains faithful knowing that despite how stormy or choppy the waters may become in the future –the log will keep her afloat.

The Fool card asks that you have faith in the universe and to live fearlessly. You will come through the storm. If you allow hope to replace fear, imagine the adventures you have waiting?

Although upright the signal is to have faith, reversed this card is asking you to assess whether or not you are pushing belief passed its limits? Your higher self is sending you a warning that although the universe has your back, it is not an open invitation to make foolish or adverse decisions that could have a severe and negative impact on your future.


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