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The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Keywords: Cycle of Life, Ups and Downs, Luck

Element: Fire

What goes around comes around and so does the Wheel of Fortune. During difficult times, this card serves as a reminder that with the bad comes the good and a change is coming. The three crows in the center point inward symbolizing your inner power to move the wheel and our ability to control the amount of time we spend either “up” or “down.” The eight crows facing outward on the wheel represent the spokes of the wheel and the energy that each direction possesses. Although they appear to be fixed to the wheel, their wings allow them their freedom symbolizing our ability to learn from and move past a difficult situation.

Upright this card indicates that change is coming, and it will be a welcome shift, perhaps a difficult time is ending. Reversed however is a warning that difficult times will soon to come and how quickly you can make the wheel spin is up to you. The question to ask yourself now is – is this a result of bad luck or bad choices?


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