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The Tower

The Tower

Keywords: Drastic Change, Upheaval, Catastrophe

Element: Fire

Each night the crows gather from miles around to roost in the top of an old bell tower, that sits on top of a hill, away from the city lights. From generation to generation the tower offered a warm space to escape the elements on cold stormy evenings and a cool place to perch on hot summer nights. The tower has always provided a comfortable shelter and was a place that offered security for young and old. That is of course until it wasn’t. The Tower comes with a warning, do not become too comfortable, or complacent. Do not think for a moment that it all can’t be whisked away in a flash. Mentally prepare yourself, change is always afoot, sometimes change happens and goes by virtually unnoticed, but not this time, no, you will feel it, and it will shake your ground. How you manage this change will have a direct impact on how you fair in the future. The energy caused by this change may spark something within that will move you towards a better place. How the pieces fall are up to you.

Change is inevitable, and when the Tower appears reversed, it is a sign that you are doing everything in your power to prevent the necessary course of action and in doing so you are delaying the experience you need to learn from to move forward.


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