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The Star

The Star

Keywords: A Wish, Happiness, Astronomy, Optimism

Element: Air

Bathing in the crystal-clear night sky the crow allows the water that falls from a large cup to wash over her wings and cleanse away the negativity of the past. In a branch, a songbird serenades the crow and harkens a time of newfound optimism. The star card brings the gift of hope and a message that any problematic time or upheaval in your life will soon be over and the place you find yourself will be one of love and stability. You will feel a profound transformation, one that connects spiritually and as a result, can lead to a lifetime change.

When The Star is reversed, the hope and encouragement are replaced with a feeling of despair and lack of motivation. Take this as a message to quiet your mind and ask yourself, what is holding you back? Listen to your gut; it will provide you the solution to find success and happiness.


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