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The Moon

The Moon

Keywords: The Shadow-self, Subconscious, Deception, Dreams, and Nightmares

Element: Water

In a dream-like state, the crow rests on a branch staring at the moon as it reflects a darker image of herself, her dark side. Below the crow, there is a pond that represents the subconscious mind with a caged raven symbolizing her wild side that she attempts to restrain out of fear. It is the part of herself that tries to conceal as it evokes feelings of shame. The Moon illuminates areas where we project our insecurities onto others, and in doing so, we fall victim to our own harmful and destructive powers that have infiltrated the psyche. Sit by the light of the moon and travel inward to find areas where fear and anxiety have taken control. The Moon asks what are you concealing? Learning to recognize and accept all the parts of our being, even the components that may be considered weaknesses is essential for being whole.

The moon reversed could signal a time where you release yourself from the bondage of fear and see your life in a brighter more positive light. It may also suggest a time of heightened psychic abilities.


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