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The Empress

The Empress

Keywords: Motherhood, Abundance, Business Success, Creativity

Element: Earth

The fertile Empress flies over the abundant lush landscape of Mother Earth. She is uplifted by the warmth that radiates from her connectedness with the planet. The Empress sends a loving message to take time to pamper yourself and to embrace the feminine energy within all of us. Her spirit is pure love and bringing things to life; she asks that you go into nature to feel the soothing and healing power that invigorates the soul.

When the Empress pays a visit, she may bring a message of a new birth.

Reversed, the Empress is a warning that the lack of harmony you are feeling is a result of being disconnected whether that be from your friends and family, or from nature. Your heart is shielded, making building relationships difficult. The Empress is calling out to you asking that you go inward and be creative. Only when you accept yourself and direct your heart’s loving energy inward, will you be free to radiate love and compassion outward to others.

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Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose
Aug 18, 2018

I can't wait to receive my Crow's Tarot so excited

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