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The Hierophant

The Hierophant

Keywords: Education, Tradition, Religious Institutions, Higher-Learning

Element: Earth

The Hierophant crow is pragmatic and does not take unnecessary risks. This crow appears at a time when a conventional approach is needed to resolve a situation or help further a project. This card brings a warning that now is not a time to think outside the box, but instead seek knowledge from a well-regarded institution or person. The Heirophant's role is to stand before others as a mentor and spiritual teacher. He is deeply connected with the divine and could represent a need to seek out wisdom that comes from combining with our higher-self through a professional healer.

When The Hierophant appears reversed, it may imply a need to be less restrictive in your thought process and think a bit more creatively.

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Mrs Yarbrough
Mrs Yarbrough
Oct 10, 2018

I've gotten the Hieriphant 3 different times... definitely trying to tell me to slow down.

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