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The Hermit

The Hermit

Keywords: Meditation, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Time Alone

Element: Earth

The solitary hermit crow, aged and wise is perched upon a sacred tree in quiet contemplation deep in the woods. He listens to what the tree needs to say as the falling snow lands on the smallest of branches. It is the tree that has provided the crow knowledge and is a symbol of the subconscious mind. After his time of quiet reflection, he is ready to pass his knowledge to those who are willing and prepared to travel into the thickest part of the woods. In his mouth, he holds a lantern, a symbol of wisdom to light the way. The delicate falling snow is light and provides a cloak hiding the crow from those who are not ready to hear his knowledge. The soft, bright glistening snowflakes represent cleansing and moving in a spiritual direction that will lead to fulfillment with one's journey.

The reversed Hermit suggests that you have retreated not for self-discovery but instead to escape day-to-day challenges that have left you feeling overwhelmed. Spending too much time alone may lead to feeling isolated or self-absorbed. Ask yourself - are you recharging or retreating?


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