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The Emperor

The Emperor

Keywords: Father-like, Authority, Wisdom, Fair-Minded, Protective

Element: Fire

The Emperor represents masculine father energy. Whereas the Empress offers abundant love and nurturing, the Emperor brings a solid foundation of order and rules that provide security and stability. He is stable and grounded; his energy brings order to chaos. He is not a dictator nor task-master, he is, however, a strong leader who commands devotion through wisdom and integrity. Crows are known for passing information through their DNA to future generations to protect them from possible dangers. The Emperor sits on his throne ready to share his knowledge to ensure all around him stay safe. Channel his power in times of uncertainty, it through fearless determination and expertise that will manifest success.

If the Emperor appears reversed, this may serve a warning that arrogance and over-confidence are getting in the way and as a result, you risk losing the respect you crave.


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