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The Devil

The Devil

Keywords: Addiction, Bondage, Temptation, Violence

Element: Earth

In the middle of a river of blood atop his latest prey, the devil is perched solidly in his convictions and uninterested in the lives he has destroyed. His presence can be cold and dark, yet at times, to catch his prey, he channels his charming nature and allows the unsuspecting victim to willingly follow only to discover later he has taken their joy and replaced it with despair. Chained, yet able to free herself if she sincerely wished is a little bird symbolizing purity and a free spirit that has succumbed to the forceful demands of The Devil. Although this card can mean that there is an addiction that is preventing you from finding real freedom and happiness, it may also indicate a fear of change and that the chains that have you bound are of your creation.

The Devil reversed is a sign that you are no longer blinded by the materialism and over-indulgences of the Devil and can free your mind and body from the shackles that have kept you from realizing your real potential.


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