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The Chariot

The Chariot

Keywords: Drive, Determination, Will-Power, Success

Element: Water

The triumphant crow, soaring through the stormy sky with fearlessness and strength, rides a chariot of thunderous clouds to victory. The Chariot is a sign to go forward with confidence, and your well-executed plan will be a success. It asks that you summon your power to fly above the barriers and soar through obstacles. The crow who rides victoriously on the chariot has learned to harness his aggression, extracting only the positive energy required to finish the task.

In contrast, the reversed Chariot could indicate a loss of control or being dragged into a situation that may not lead to the best outcome.

1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 23, 2018

The humor! Just pulled this card, my husband and I are literally sitting in a car dealership trading in our car.

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