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Keywords: Confidence, Inner-Strength, Passion, Virility,

Element: Fire

It is not through brute force this crow has achieved the challenging goal of taming the wild beast; it is because she has mastered her ability to connect with a higher-frequency, channeling trust and respect. The positive energy she radiates enables the crow to stand confidently on the lion’s nose, not in conquest but out of mutual respect. The crow has learned how to remove her ego, quieting the hum of fear, allowing her to hear the inner guidance of her higher-conscious. It is from this place she wields the true power of strength.

The strength card suggests you will experience a time that will require you to summon the power that comes only from exercising inner-peace and freeing yourself from the influences of ego and fear.

When reversed, Strength may be warning that you are not in control of your emotions and that your motives are fear or ego based. Ask yourself does your strength come from power or is it through force?


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