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Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

In the abundant lush garden, the Page of Pentacles sits on a flowering branch. She allows the energy of blossoming life to enter her spirit as she stares into the pentacle. Envisioning the path she wishes to travel she holds in her mind's eye a clear vision for that she wants to manifest. The Page of Pentacles serves as a reminder that to achieve the success you will need to spend time developing a clear view and prepare for where the road may lead. It is with this skill you will be able to create the feeling of achieving your desire - and this is where the magic happens.

With focus and dedication, the Page of Pentacles indicates a great start, however, when reversed it may manifest in the form of blockage. Take the Page of Pentacles in the reserved position as a warning - its time to ask yourself if your enthusiasm has waned or does your desire require more dedication than you are willing to give?


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