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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Without haste, the Knight of Swords rushes into battle as the wind whips around him. It is not out of malice or anger that he charges through pushing past all those who get in his way, it is from his pure energy and driven intellect that creates the momentum; propelling him into the situation. The Knight of Swords brings young, enthusiastic energy to a job - one that will bring with it the inspiration to create a pathway to success.

The Knight of Swords may indicate a project that you are excited about, and as a result, there is swirling energy around you; you can not be stopped! The Knight of Swords denotes a high potential and offers you the strength and intellectual inspiration needed to complete the project, but it also brings a warning not to cut corners or make hasty decisions out of a desire to finish the project early.

Reversed the Knight of Swords can not channel his bursting energy to focus on a single project and as a result, attempts to go in too many directions. If you are feeling scattered, look for ways to direct all that energy into a single purpose. The reversed Knight of Swords may also point to a person who brings a lot of energy but not the ideas to help see a project to completion.


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