Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

The Crow stands on the riverbank; her back is to the gold cups that symbolize material wealth and possessions. She is ready to fly off and leave it all behind. The moon represents her shadow-self and her true nature, one she tries to suppress but can not deny. The Eight of Cups asks that you look inward and discover what it is you want from your life, what is important to you. This card suggests that although it will take considerable strength to let go and walk away, it may be necessary to achieve true happiness.

If this crow is upside down, the reversed card indicates that although on the surface you want to build upon your spiritual self and move beyond the materialism that often binds us, the fear of losing out is preventing you from making a decision and as a result, you have become stagnant in your growth.

The Crow Tarot

Fly Through the Veil

MJ Cullinane