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Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

The happy couple sits on a budding branch of a cherry blossom tree watching their fledglings resting comfortably in their nest. The setting is one of peace and contentment. The couple achieved their dreams as each new day brings with it a feeling of love and fulfillment. The Ten of Cups denotes a time of utmost joy. Another message of this card may also be a romantic relationship is forming, one that could result in a lifelong love affair. Take a moment to bask in the positive energy the Ten of Cups offers - good luck will soon enter your home.

Reversed the Ten of cups warns that you may be feeling out of synch with your family or maybe spending too much time on a project that is disruptive to the family harmony. You may be feeling disconnected or unable to spend quality time with those you love. This card can serve a reminder to take time to reflect on the ways that you can create a more harmonious life with those around you.


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